William Eggleston: Los Alamos

Exhibition, Foam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

From March 17, 2017 until June 7, 2017
Los Alamos starts in William Eggleston’s hometown of Memphis and the Mississippi Delta and continues to follow his wanderings through New Orleans, Las Vegas and south California, ending at Santa Monica Pier. Which included Los Alamos, the place in New Mexico where the nuclear bomb was developed in secret and to which the series owes its name. The over 2200 images were rediscovered almost 40 years after the project started.
These vibrant photographs of traffic signs, run-down buildings, and diner interiors distinctly betray the hand of the wayward autodidata. His early work evidences his penchant for the seemingly trivial: before the lens of Eggleston’s ‘democratic camera’, everything becomes equally important.