William Kentridge: What Will Come

Exhibition, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, USA.

Until May 14, 2017
Originating from a Ghanaian proverb: What will come, has already come, the title is a reference to the repetitive nature of history. It’s a work inspired by Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935
in which 275,000 Ethiopians lost their lives, including many civilians. Kentridge, based in Johannesburg, used his signature technique of drawing and erasing on a sheet of paper, filming this frame by frame. The resulting animation is anamorphic — the distorted images projected onto a tabletop can only be read correctly in the mirror-like surface of the steel cylinder at the centre. Through this optical illusion, the artist invites reflection on the relativity of perception, including the questionable truths and distortions of the past.