Wood Mood. 10 possible tales.

BROCHES Julia Walter. Born in Stuttgart (1979) , lives and works like independent artist in Amsterdam.

exhibition in showroom Valcucine Milano Brera, Milan
The selection gathers ten objects realized by designers that operate outside the traditional practices of design, overtaking the concept of wood intended in material and technological terms. Ten works between object and vision to describe a research, vital and poetic, related to the microscale of the project and of our lives.
One of the exhibited objects is the Wooden Light Bulb by Ryosuke Fukusada - born in 1979 in Osaka, founded his own design studio in 2012 in Kyoto. It’s from the traditional Japanese rokuro technique that Fukusada has gained the idea of creating such a familiar and yet extreme object. A material bulb that lights up, unveiling the 2 millimeters thickness hollowed out by the artisanal ritual work of patient and expert Japanese craftsmen.
As Lego’s primary colors are deeply impressed in the memory of each child playing with these popular and known bricks, an innovative Japanese company has taken inspiration from the famous blocks creating an environment-friendly version in wood without any kind of varnishes. Compatible with the traditional Lego blocks, Mokulock adds a biodegradable alternative to the plastic ones with the natural shades of oak and birch wood.
With the simple action of carving, Tom Chung manufactures the most precious object out of the most common and traditional Swedish material. Cut by the Carl Malmsten School, the Birch Diamond, with its wood-waste box, overturns the traditional ideas of luxury and uniqueness with a new material expression of the object itself. This diamond tells the story of a new (possible) ethical dimension of design and craftsmanship.
It’s a series of laser-cut rolling pins what the three young designers from Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute have conceived for the production of bread-based tableware. The traditional wooden tool has been modified to cut out sustainable and edible dish-shaped pieces of dough, imprinting at the same time patterns and textures during the use. It’s a history that merges tradition, material, rituality and creative energy in the food-preparation process.
Guided by the idea of self-made, Levi Dethier tell us the story of series of possible objects and instruments seen as intuitive design elements. It’s an experience born from the material of broken branches, worked in a simple and basic way that forces the project and its creativity to confront themselves with manual work. Not the refined and finished product, but a creative process where mind and hand work and function together strengthening themselves with the wooden material.
WOODEN LIGHT BULB by Ryosuke Fukusada.
MOKULOCK. Mokulock is a Japanese company specialized in wood recycling.
FJÄLLBJÖRK DIAMANT (Birch Diamonds), by Tom Chung, Canada.
ROLLWARE by Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza, Povilas Raskevicious- students Master of Interior Architecture & Retail Design (MIARD).
DESIGN BY MAKING, by Levi Dethier, who is a Master of Product Design student at ECAL (Ecole cantonal d’art de Lausanne).