Would you like a bag with that?

Hendrik Kerstens, Bag, 2007, photograph.

Plastic bags in art and design
Omnipresent and international, used once and discarded to linger in the environment forever, the plastic bag is the ultimate symbol of our globalized society.
The exhibition juxtaposes stories of everyday life and customs with contemporary art and design, to sometimes thought-provoking effect. Comprising around thirty works by international artists and designers, the exhibition reflects current concerns and highlights some of the problems raised by the use of plastic bags.
Cult object or garbage, revered or despised, the plastic bag divides and polarizes opinion, and exposes our consumerist behavior. It reinforces our status and our identity, it degrades the environment, it´s collected with love or through environmental consciousness, making it a topical theme in art as well as design.
Mudac – Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, Place de la Cathédrale 6, Lausanne, Switzerland, www.mudac.ch