XX Models. Young Belgian Architecture.

NU architectuuratelier, C-mine expeditie ® Jeroen Verrecht

Exhibition, Bozar Brussels, Belgium, until 28 February 2014
Presented is a collection of 20 models, each of which has been produced by an emerging Belgian architectural practice in the last 10 years. The scale models represent 20 buildings with a public or collective programme. Most of the projects are situated in the endless conurbation of Belgium, one of Europe’s most densely populated countries. In this context of urban sprawl, the political, cultural, social and linguistic borders are substitutes for the vanishing urban borders. This results in the creation of a complex field of shared territories and landscapes. With their public or collective dimension, each of these projects is a specific testimony of this specific urban condition. 
V+, Cinéma Sauvenière ® Jeroen Verrecht.
15KV Substation Petrol ®Jeroen Verrecht