Zad Moultaka: ŠamaŠ - Sun Dark Sun

Exhibition, Lebanon Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Arsenale Nuovissimo

From May 13, 2017 until November 26, 2017
Pluri-disciplinary Lebanese artist and composer Zad Moultaka is representing Lebanon at this year’s Venice Biennale. With his monumental work ŠamaŠ, Moultaka combines musical invention with visual research in a radical approach whereby technology is born from the archaic. Haunted by the idea of joining the shores of East and West in a single voice, he has erected a monument to ŠamaŠ. The Babylonian god of the sun and justice is depicted on the Code of Hammurabi, a tall stele considered the first law table. With this crepuscular enchanted relic, he attempts to conjure up the foretold Arab apocalypse..