CEA Design taps into the future

November 2019

Dieter Rams has famously said a lot about design. ‘Good design is as little design as possible.’ In the same breath he said: ‘Good design is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.’ Perhaps not catalysed specifically by Rams, but certainly by those ideals, CEA Design was started in 2007 and has remained true to its sustainability ethos.

Perigord 125 Monte Carlo residential project featuring Cross series on black diamond finish.

The husband-and-wife team that make up the founding partner duo–Natalino Malasorti and Roberta Bertacco–tackle product development and company management respectively. The company was born a few years after Bertacco graduated at an engineering faculty in 1999 in Aberdeen, Scotland. The theme of her thesis was Sustainable Development, a topic she says is still cryptic for Italian literature. “CEA was started with the intention of creating faucets while cancelling the environmental problems caused by chrome-plated brass faucets. It was a very hard mission given the lobbies present in international markets, but not impossible.” Certainly not impossible for parents who wanted to keep their heads up in front of their daughters.

Their determined approach has been rewarding for the CEA team–it is now recognized as the leading international brand in terms of the design and quality of taps and fittings. A particularly strong feature is the craftsmanship dedicated to the finishing of the pieces. “They are made strictly by hand by experienced personnel, guided by precise process directions.” Indeed, the taps are produced in Italy, and the factory is located in the production district that is one of the most qualified in Europe in terms of mechanical processes and in fact has a specialisation in the automotive market.

Perigord 125 Monte Carlo residential project featuring Cross series on black diamond finish.

In addition to the eco-friendly choice of adopting steel, the cold working process carried out with numerical control machines, Bertacco and Malasorti thought it was critical for their company to adopt water and energy saving solutions used in the design of the fittings. Very early on, CEADESIGN focused on adopting flow rate reducers to keep water flows aerated but water-saving. “Ahead of all the other taps and fittings company competitors, CEADESIGN offers 5 Lt/minute washbasin rates and 8 Lt/minute showers rates: a pioneering choice if considering that design choices were made at the end of the 1990s.”

Products resulting from the firm’s evolving know-how reflect all of the various typical ‘themes’ of contemporary architecture, ranging from those that focus on technical, installation or construction characteristics to original and sophisticated types of design, uses of aesthetically-pleasing alternative materials and consideration of the environment and natural resources. The initial desire of the duo to “give their public a top-quality product” has distinguished CEADESIGN and the market has appreciated their commercial consistency, professionalism, technical expertise and their never compromising foresight that allows them to be sustainable and respectful towards future generations.

Perigord 125 Monte Carlo residential project featuring Cross series on black diamond finish.

Pictured is Perigord 125, a renovation in a Monte Carlo, Monaco apartment whose style reflects the elegance of the city. The renovation design is pervaded by light that emphasis the exercise of refinement in terms of the dialogue between the natural elements, and almost sculpted into the stone is the Cross series with the black diamond finish.

Deck mounted mixer with out on stainless eel satin finish.
Perigord 125 Monte Carlo residential proje featuring Cross series on black diamond finish. Photo: Anna Positano
Wall mounted mixer with out on black diamond satin finish (detail)
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