MINI LIVING – Built by All

May 2018

The Concept Behind MINI LIVING

Cities are fascinating and ambivalent places, they are places of manifestation and constant change at the same time – our most human invention,’ says Oke Hauser, Creative Lead at MINI LIVING. But unfortunately, many architectural planning and design approaches do not reflect these human principles. This is why MINI LIVING senses ‘a strong need to literally break down walls to create true urban places – places that provide inspiration and enhance our human spirit by being together.’ For this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, the initiative teamed up with London architectural firm Studiomama to present a living concept that lets people come together to collaboratively design their individual homes and shared spaces.

This is our second posting in a series of four that presents MINI LIVING – Built by All. After introducing Studiomama last week, and before we discuss the installation for this year’s Salone del Mobile, we are now having a closer look at the concept behind MINI LIVING.

The solution MINI offered with its first car in 1955 was one of creative use of space. Today, the company still refers to this concept, because it can also be applied to housing. Right now, one of people’s highest priorities and also one of the biggest challenges, is to find an affordable and attractive place to call home.

MINI LIVING was first launched by MINI in 2016 to translate this key principle, the creative use of space, into solutions for how people live, work and interact in cities. With a small footprint in mind, the initiative seeks to answer challenges in this field, utilising an approach that combines design knowledge, experience and fun. And it is convinced that instead of building homogeneous apartment complexes in response to the lack of space, frameworks need to be created that enable residents to design their individual homes, and for these places to allow for inspiring human interactions.

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