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March 2018

Dinesen: passion for wood, passion for food.

After almost four years in the planning, the new noma recently reopened its doors on a plot of land at the Copenhagen waterfront. For his new playground, head chef & co-founder René Redzepi – a man on a mission, who knows what he wants – carefully handpicked the architectural ingredients he likes to be surrounded with, just as he does when composing his wonderful Nordic-inspired plates.

A complete experience in which food meets atmosphere, Redzepi commissioned architect Bjarke Ingels and Studio David Thulstrup for the interior design. This new ‘garden village’ consists of separate yet connected spaces, from the kitchen to the dining room, from the garden to the laboratory, and built of the finest materials – predominantly wood and stone.

For the wooden floors, walls and ceilings, Redzepi has once again turned to Dinesen, the Danish wood specialist that is in sync with noma’s core values. Both are dedicated to craftsmanship with elegance, naturalness with uncompromising quality, and are committed to working with the best of what nature has to offer. To create a material diversity throughout the various spaces a mix of planks was used, which includes Dinesen Oak, Dinesen Douglas and Dinesen HeartOak. Following the company’s values, each tree is carefully selected from the forest, in line with how Redzepi has been foraging and sampling to invent his dishes. Or as fourth-generation owner Thomas Dinesen enthusiastically puts it:

‘We are extremely proud that our partnership with noma has continued with this exciting new chapter. We are as passionate about the new noma as René and his team are, and we share many of the same values, pay attention to details, and keep going until we reach our goal.’

When it comes to respect for natural resources, it makes perfect sense for a restaurant that serves 100-year-old mahogany clams, to adorn its walls and floors with this choice of wood.

noma main dining with Dinesen HeartOak flooring. Photo by Anders Hviid
On the left: noma entrance with Dinesen Oak wall cladding, on the right: Dinesen Oak ceiling and bar desk. Photo by Anders Hviid.
noma staff area with Dinesen Douglas flooring and wall cladding and furniture in Dinese Douglas by Design Studies. Photo by Claus Troelsgaard