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March 2022

German seating company Interstuhl has taken the ordinary task chair to the next level with its Editions range designed to complement busy modern lifestyles.

It can be hard to get excited about a task chair. They all look the same and seem to do more or less the same thing. Enter German seating manufacturer Interstuhl with its pioneering Editions range, an active seating solution that keeps your legs, spine and hips mobilised but looks so good while doing so it is destined to become the ultimate addition to any home or lifestyle. “We have created three different ‘Editions’ of our PURE chair and curated them for specific target groups and new work environments,” says Patrick Loechle, Vice President Marketing & Product Manage-ment for the company.

The ACTIVE Edition is dedicated to the runners, cyclists and the sporty among us with its well-studied references to the colour and texture combinations of premium sneakers in its range of hues and material offerings. At some point Interstuhl hopes to complement the chair with a line of lifestyle accessories such as sports bags, yoga mats and so on in the same colour combina-tions. The INTERIOR Edition, on the other hand, is the chair for the home magazine crowd who want their furniture to fit in with their vision of interior design. Its colour palette is slightly more muted and combined with an elegant grey trim on the seat cushion sides, but still varied and so-phisticated. Finally the FASHION edition is the brand’s most audacious, and most recent, chair where colour and material combinations really push the boundaries. With this chair you can com-bine membrane, fabric and perforated leather in one seat and even combine three different ma-terials in a single colour.

The PURE’s uniquely alluring presence means that several lifestyle and fashion influencers in Germany have taken to featuring it in their social media feeds and platforms. Such as the insta-gram of model and influencer David Koch. He admitted that he had never considered that a task chair could be a lifestyle accessory or statement but the PURE FASHION Edition changed his mind. “The mix of material and colour options really makes them one of a kind,” says Loechle. “We’ve taken it beyond the questions of ‘how many levers does it have?’ or ‘how ergonomic is it?’ and made it about finding your perfect hue and the best fit for your home environment.”

Not that the chair’s comfort and ergonomic credentials are an afterthought, they are in fact the foundation of its success. Conceived by engineer Joachim Brüske and designer Andreas Krob, the chair itself is intuitive, dynamic and streamlined and designed to keep your body active, even when seated. Far too often the ‘extras’ in a task chair end up being under-utilised and redundant says Loechle. He likens it to having a Porsche and only ever driving it in first gear. “You can put in as much stuff as you like but people won’t use it. So with PURE there are essentially just two functions: the height adjustment and a lever to fix the back if you want less movement.”

The piece holding the chair and its design together is the innovative ‘smart spring’ that resembles a human spine on its back, which took years to develop and is cutting-edge, in the same way the first proper electrical vehicle was for the automotive industry believes Loechle. “Typically a chair has a mechanism with various levers on it and that mechanism, which is usually made of any-where up to 100 components, can be bought anywhere in the world and assembled on a new chair,” he explains. The Smart Spring, on the other hand, is made from one material - glass fibre-reinforced polyamide - and is a single element. “From a development and design perspective, that’s game-changing ,” he says. It also means it's much easier to maintain and recycle. Impres-sively, the chair is 98% recyclable. And it looks different, taking it out of the ranks of the ordinary into something far more designed.

At the moment the PURE Editions are available in 12 different colour combinations. Loechle says these will be updated as trends and interests change. He foresees that in the future the brand will collaborate with designers or influencers to come up with new ranges and that there could be seasonal or limited edition offerings in the same way H&M and Uniqlo do limited edition collec-tions with big name fashion designers. Next year the brand also plans to expand its UP range of stools and standing aids with a new sustainable version made out of a plastic and chipboard com-posite and cork seating pads and stands. This line will also eventually be designed in an alluring array of different colour combinations to complement the different chair collections. “We wanted to make the UP’s green credentials really visible,” says Loechle.

Ultimately the PURE chair with its different Editions is about showing what is possible in an item that people often have preconceptions and stereotypical ideas about. It’s also about placing a task chair firmly in the fashion and lifestyle arena. PURE is the evolution of the task chair, the task chair 2.0 if you will. Interstuhl has big ideas and plans for it, which are already well underway.

Text by Giovanna Dunmall

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German model and influencer David Koch on the PURE FASHION Edition #09 in black and white.
Only premium quality fabrics are used for the PURE FASHION Edition.
Only premium quality fabrics are used for the PURE FASHION Edition.
Only premium quality fabrics are used for the PURE FASHION Edition.
The all-black PURE FASHION Edition features three different materials (perforated nappa leather, mesh and fabric) on the seat, seat trim, backre" and back of the chair.
The timeless and minimal PURE seen here in one of the twelve on-trend colour combinations of the FASHION Edition.