MINI LIVING – Built by All

May 2018

Retrospective: MINI LIVING at Salone Del Mobile in 2016 and 2017 

At the heart of MINI LIVING is the question how space can be used in a creative way For this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, MINI LIVING teamed up with London architectural firm Studiomama to present the living concept “Built by All” that enables people to collaboratively design their individual homes and shared spaces.

However, the theme of shared and collaborative living and working was already present in the installations “Breathe” and “Do Disturb” that MINI LIVING presented during Salone del Mobile in 2016 and 2017. After postings in which we introducing Studiomama and had a closer look at the concept behind MINI LIVING and its presentation during Salone Del Mobile 2018, we are now looking back at those two former installations.

For Salone Del Mobile 2016 MINI LIVING collaborated with Yokohama based architects ON Design to think about how much we might gain by opening up the walls of our homes to neighbours, colleagues and friends. Together they created the installation “Do Disturb”: The walls of this apartment could be turned around to let the outside in – to turn the office into a communal workspace, or to turn a private living room into a party space for all the neighbours.

The communal home and living space that MINI LIVING created in collaboration with studio SO – IL from Brooklyn, and that was open for the public during last year’s Salone Del Mobile, was made of a piece of tough, porous fabric stretched across simple metal scaffolding. This fabric protected residents from the elements, while simultaneously purifying air and filtering light before they enter into the living space. The same material also divided the interior into levels and rooms, provided privacy or could be opened to the outside – just as needed. The roof included a communal garden and a rainwater collection system that made the home largely self-sufficient.