A New Real Deal

January 2021

Since last March, many of us have become almost too acquainted with our homes. Spaces once reserved for eating are now school desktops, a bedroom now doubles as a Zoom conference, and a bath necessitates alone time. It’s only logical that many have felt the urge to improve their surroundings. With spring abound and vaccines in sight, maybe now is the best time to satisfy that urge. But before narrowing your gaze on marble quarries, it’s worth considering sintered stone, a process consisting of subjecting all-natural, raw materials to very high pressures and temperatures to create slabs akin to the real deal. Its got the look, it does the work, and rather than giving you a renovation breakdown it’s easy to install.  The products produced by sintering technology are highly durable – able to withstand abrasion, warping, extreme temperatures, UV rays, staining, acidity, and chemical cleaning agents. Its advanced technologies create beautiful patterns identical to marble and granite, untreated wood, and patinated metals.

The new Neolith HQ showroom in Castellón, Spain assembles a vast array of the brand’s most popular and recently launched patterns and colours in an abundance of applications. “Alongside the factory, Neolith HQ showroom provides essential context, offering a wide-ranging exploration of what can be accomplished when using our surfaces,” said Mar Esteve Cortes, Neolith’s CSMO. She was quick to commend its in-house architect, Giuliana Barandiaran, who was responsible for bringing Neolith’s extensive collection to life; “Giuliana surpassed herself on this project, the artistic vision is original and creative, from the floors, walls and ceiling to the finer details, everything looks amazing. It was also great to get some amazing interior brands involved in the project, their products lift the space creating a unique setting in which to showcase Neolith.” Barandiaran included renowned designs from Flos, Louis Poulsen, and B&B Italia to amplify the sleeky style of Neolith’s materials.

One standout aspect of Neolith is its full body veining technology, created especially for thicker slabs, which integrates the same colour and design throughout the body of marble for greater aesthetic and visible even edging. The showroom opens by highlighting this on a two-tone bar in Nero Marquina, a reinterpretation of the black stone marble extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country. Combined with brass and opal glass light fixtures from Louis Poulsen and Flos, the bar room is evocative of the Art Deco style. By picking up on a print used in the bar, the kitchen blends seamlessly along. A collaboration with Doca, one of Spain’s leading kitchen designers, helped realise the minimalist cooking area. Its shelves feature a new design called Amazonico – a dense green conceptualisation of South America’s lush rainforests.

Revealing how Neolith’s versatility can extend beyond residences is the lounge, which could easily be recast as an office meeting room. B&B Italia customised a contemporary wooden dining table for the project, inlaid with Calacatta Luxe, seemingly from a quarry found in the Apuan Alps in Carrara, Italy. Louis Poulsen’s famous artichoke pendant cascades ambient light onto various furniture pieces customised in Neolith, from side tables to bookshelves. Neolith’s stone goes grandiose in the bathroom – an immersive experience of the pattern Mar Del Plata, a wavy iridescent quartz banding against a dark pearl granite background.

Due to Neolith’s physical properties, the material is suited for exterior use, where it will be unalterable against contact with the elements and the passing of time. Multiple architectural projects have seen the material implemented on façades. But for the showroom, the BBQ area brings the outdoors in. Seen here are a patinated metal and the award-winning La Bohème, which mimics the trunk of Lebanese cedar’s robust knots and marked lines, as well as touch. Concluding the showroom is a high-end retail implementation where walls and shelving are clad in a combination of Retrostone terrazzo and Mont Blanc, a homage to White Quartzite, one of the most popular stones currently on the market. The effect stages shopping as an experience above all else.

A must-see product in person, Neolith has several throughout Europe, as well as the newly opened HQ Showroom. Maybe you know exactly what you want, maybe you don’t, but the brand’s team and in-house experts are just that, experts in making every kind of project a reality.

by Gabrielle Cox

To plan a tour in any of the Neolith showrooms contact: info@neolith.com

HQ address: Calle Ibers 31, 12550 Almazora, Castellón, Spain

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The bathroom is saturated in Mar Del Plata, a wavy slated stone relief
Neolith worked with Doca, one of Spain’s leading kitchen designers to realise the cooking area
Hydromassage bath by Jacuzzi and mirrors by B&B Italia Maxalto
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Neolith, 2019, DSchaefer
Neolith, 2019, DSchaefer