New Rugs by Front Design

February 2018

Front Design’s new series of geometric rugs and poufs, called PARQUET, for GAN is a story in authenticity. Originally the designers wanted to collaborate with weavers from a certain district in India, but it quickly became clear that upheaval in the area made it too dangerous for regular travel there so they had to switch plans.

“We were pushed into a different location where the weavers used a totally different technique, “ says Sofia Lagerkvist (the blonde) at IMM in Cologne. “Our thinking had to change based on the reality of the world.”

Lagerkvist together with Anna Lindgren is Front Design and both like to stay loyal – to their approach, but also to the brands and collectives they work with.

“One of the most crucial moments in a collaboration is that very first instant when they approach you,” say Lingdren. “There is an immediate click and you feel it … or not.”

When textile producer GAN asked the pair to work on a series of rugs that click was immediate.

“We believed in their total commitment to technique and realizing even the hardest details of a proposal,” says Lagerkvist. “Like getting the irregular shapes on the edges of this new series.”

The three rugs and accompanying poufs have been four years in the making with an enormous amount of back and forth to check and double check, think and rethink the weave, the dye the yarns. There is a sense of depth in the results, and a sort of a Trompe-l'œil created from the arrangement of shades and lines.

“I think more knowledge than we all realize is already out there,” says Lingdren. “That is the benefit of traveling back into tradition to discover what exists. We wanted to change it, to make existing techniques work for our concept. It was a struggle, but in the end it was the crafts-people’s knowledge that helped us achieve this.”

The idea behind the rugs was to use a parquet pattern in a bright, bold palette to contrast with a more sedate Scandinavian aesthetic. “In many churches your eye is drawn down to a very decorative flooring,” says Lindgren. “People hardly notice floors anymore so we wanted to create a rug that was a true floor feature.”

 Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren at imm Cologne 2018, image by Siegrid Demyttenaere