MINI LIVING – Built by All

April 2018

Studiomama, partner of MINI LIVING for Salone del Mobile 2018

Today, city apartments are getting less and less affordable. And even those available, are in most cases unable to meet the requirements of their individual residents, because they are highly standardised. For this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, MINI LIVING teamed up with London architectural firm Studiomama to present MINI LIVING – Built by All. This living concept lets residents be part of the design process in order to create a way of addressing individual needs.

In a series of four postings we will present MINI LIVING – Built by All, starting today with a portrait of Studiomama.

Studiomama is a perfect match for MINI LIVING’s installation during Salone del Mobile 2018, because the studio bases its work ‘on characterful aesthetic combined with a democratic belief in good design for all’, according to founder Nina Tolstrup. She opened Studiomama in 2000, together with her husband and design collaborator Jack Mama. They see their role as one in which limits are to be pushed, for example, through extending the life of products and exploring forms of upcycling. By doing so they also challenge conventional business models and distribution methods.

For TEN PLAN at 100% Design London they created instructions that enable people to build their own mobile outdoor kitchen. The design combines a gas-cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping board, and storage. Water is connected from the garden hose and waist water is collected for reuse in a watering can placed beneath the sink.

Studiomama also believes that it is crucial to develop solutions for the challenges of living in compact spaces, especially given the trends towards urbanisation and rise of megacities. They have already developed interior schemes for such homes, like last year’s 13m2 house in London. The concept for this house is based on units that each host a different function, including a bed, work space, lounge seats, kitchen, bathroom, closet storage and dining area.

Stay tuned! In our upcoming postings on MINI LIVING – Built by All, we will have a closer look at the concept behind MINI Living, and the way it was manifested at Salone del Mobile 2018.

Oke Hauser, Creative Lead MINI Living and Nina Tolstrup from Studiomama