where a game and home décor meet

November 2016

LOGIFACES is at once an analogue game for digital minds and a fine piece of home décor. Comprised of elegant hand-poured concrete prisms, each with differently angled top surfaces, LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of ways, allowing for the discovery of endless patterns through the combinations of computer-generated forms.

By placing the prisms next to one another a continuous topography emerges, which naturally jumps off the table into the third dimension. This inherently characterful material and the relief-like surface present a tactile and visual experience. Whether used as a meditative tool to tune out the noisy din of everyday life while focusing your attention and calming your thoughts; or as a creativity booster to see where the puzzle takes you when you challenge the rules and apply your instincts; or as a logical stimulus to position every prism in countless configurations, LOGIFACES satisfies.

The many possible variations in overall form give free rein to the imagination, with complex geometries becoming comprehensible in a real, non-virtual space – it’s all in your hands. LOGIFACES lets you train your mind, boost your creativity, and provoke yourself. Aside from the joys of solo experimentation, it’s also an opportunity to think together with others; then not only do you have to find a place for each prism, you have to take into account how everyone else has moved the elements. Often the best new forms are born when friends create together.

In short, this is a toy for kids and adults alike, as well as a beautiful surface ornament. The lovingly poured, ground, and polished concrete prisms come in three soothing shades of colour: marble, ash, and basalt – plus a special edition in rose. Sets of all sorts are available to order via the website.

text by Jodie Hruby 

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