Moving People … by Lowie Vermeersch
Multiplicity by Anna Sansom
Surveying the Scene by Sam Steverlynck
A Makeshift City by Veerle Devos
The Core of the Matter by Cristina Guadalupe
Welcome to the Asphalt Jungle by Leo Hollis
The Incomplete City Strikes Back by Cristina Guadalupe
Ode to the Car by Jorg Zimmermann
Solar Forerunners by Veerle Devos
Revived Cycleways by Julien De Smedt
Preparing the Velorution by Veerle Devos
Motioning for Transport by Scott Burnham
Alternate Fixtures by Inês Revés
Life in the Fresh Air by Anna Sansom
Lighting the Way … by Anneke Bokern
In Good Hands … by Sven Ehmann
Against the Flow … by Jurriaan Benshop

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