Mythologising a Legend … by Anna Sansom
Lisbon, Tattooed City … by Veerle Devos
Tongue ‘n Cheek … by Veerle Devos
White Mountain in Spring … by Shakti Feuerhake \ Claudia Pertuzé
Mari runs Amok … by Thomas Geisler
Butcher and Priest … by Dario Cecchini
Much of a Muchness by Pedro Gadanho
Slender and Smart by Patricio Pozo
Perennial Parreno by Anna Sansom
Irresistible, Respectable by Thomas Geisler
In the Belly of the Architect by Sam Steverlynck
Back & Forth to Fogo by Veerle Devos
Going Wild by Patrizia Coggiola
From Lamp to Lamb by Marko Ylitalo
The Myth & the Legend by Anna Sansom
Neither the Time nor the Place by Cristina Guadalupe Galván
An Eye on the Matter by Anna Sansom
Dead or Alive? by Emma Firmin
Quarantine and Containment by Léopold Lambert
Disciplined Multidisciplinarity by Silvia Anna Barrilà
Metal-minded by Emma Firmin

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