Squat a Rocket Ship … by Veerle Devos
Struck by Lighting … by Alessandro Sarfatti
Practically Playful … by Norman Kietzmann
Up in Armory … by Anna Sansom
Concrete & Palm Trees … by Silvia Anna Barrilà
Cutting to the Core by Leonora Sartori
King of Kowloon by Anna Sansom
How to Recount History? … by Jurriaan Benschop
The Jungle Book of Eternal Sunshine by Sam Steverlynck
California (Wet) Dreaming … by Lyle Rexer
Epidermic Folds by Léopold Lambert
Into the Woods by Lyle Rexer
This House or That House by Cristina Guadalupe Galván
Decolonizing Architecture by Léopold Lambert
Like the Plight of Sisyphus by Veerle Devos
Air Bubbles and Japanese Swords by Anna Sansom
All that flickers by Patrizia Coggiola
Light and more Light! by Patrizia Coggiola

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