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Spatial Graphic Design - DAMN° Magazine

Spatial Graphic Design

The new Studio Thonik

Nature: Technology’s Neverland - DAMN° Magazine

Nature: Technology’s Neverland

The relationship between nature and technology has always been polarized to the max – it’s an either or scenario that thinkers from both camps have tried to fuse. But the attempts too often feel fake, a clumsy bridge on the brink of collapse. Many artists think the problem comes down to language and more specifically an absence of metaphors that really describe an interconnected existence.

Countryside, The Future – Rem Koolhaas’ Rural Sublime - DAMN° Magazine

Countryside, The Future – Rem Koolhaas’ Rural Sublime

“Omissions and simplification help us to understand – but help us in many cases, to understand the wrong thing; for our comprehension may be only of the abbreviator’s neatly formulated notions, not of the vast, ramifying reality from which these notions have been so arbitrarily abstracted.” Aldous Huxley

Christien Meindertsma, Redesigning Reality - DAMN° Magazine

Christien Meindertsma, Redesigning Reality

Christien Meindertsma defies all trends and at a time when design becomes more and more institutionalized she stays obstinately free and single, letting her instincts and personal experiences inform and guide her positions. So while her work is always political, it’s a modest form of politics removed from the swell of woke movements that struggle to truly dent the status quo.

Guillaume Désanges on art and racism in France - DAMN° Magazine

Guillaume Désanges on art and racism in France

Guillaume Désanges is an independent curator and notably in charge of La Verrière, the exhibition space for contemporary art attached to Fondation d'entreprise Hermès in Brussels. He has a reputation for putting on complex and difficult exhibitions packed with meaning and signification. In 2019 he started a series of cycles at the exhibition space, each one investigating special themes. Currently it is “Matters of Concern”.

VIRGIL ABLOH – Pinking Virgil: The B-side - DAMN° Magazine

VIRGIL ABLOH – Pinking Virgil: The B-side

Some call him crass and commercial, others see him more as the millennial Karl Lagerfeld, but whatever your viewpoint, Virgil Abloh has managed to revolutionize streetwear borrowing tactics and an intelligence that speaks across generations. His passion for merchandise and fusing high with low might offend the stodgiest of us, but it also broadens the cultural public, spreading a new word to a maximum audience.