Joris Poggioli product view installation

Studio Joris Poggioli

September 2020

Joris Poggioli introduces its new collection ‘Enamorados’

For his new collection, entitled Enamorados, Joris Poggioli pursues his ambition to place humans at the centre of his creative process, by creating sculptural, emotive and embodied furniture.

"I like the idea that you can engrave love in a material"

The collection reflects a need for gentleness and comfort as well as for purity and contemplation. This ode to love is reflected through soft curves, rounded silhouettes, precision of lines and a noble selection of tactile materials such as wood, stone, resin and onyx. Whether it is the Cléo screen, the Rick armchair or the Orfeo desk, these singular and sculptural pieces impose their presence with skill, while still leaving room for intentional emptiness, the freedom to wander around, transmitting a spirit of opportunity to the wanderer.

Henry - side Table, 2020
Rose - sofa, 2020
Orfeo - desk, 2020
Cleo - screen, 2020
Rick - chair, 2020
Joris Poggioli product view installation