Alberto Meda

Designer for Tubes

May 2016
Origami is the ‘nomadic’ radiator collection de- signed by Alberto Meda for Tubes, a high-efficiency electric plug & play radiator that liaises with its surroundings, offering the possibility of separating two rooms, of preserving privacy, of enhancing the atmosphere of discretion, and of increasing the feeling of well-being. “The idea stems from the desire to create an object with a simple, fluid shape”, comments Alberto Meda, “a sort of screen that can be folded back, like a folding screen. I like thinking of objects that are essential but that conceal a perfected technological complexity. Today we need to surround ourselves with friendly elements that have a clear image, yet a dynamic behaviour.”
As lightweight as a free-folding screen, Origami hides in a subtle way, creating a sinuous, jointed, flexible item of interior décor, which gives rise to conjugations based on its rounded module that alternates voids with a heating core. “A project that would allow the creation of multifarious integrated models which would differentiate according to the kind of room, with changing shapes to suit particular requirements, and offer excellent thermal capacity.” In the freestanding version, the movable modules allow the space to be arranged, as with an actual folding screen, ready to safeguard our privacy. Unlike traditional radiators, however, towels are completely enveloped and hidden from view when the radiator is folded up onto the wall, optimising space.