Extra Ordinary Metal by Alessi

The new Extra Ordinary Metal collection by Alessi celebrates its roots as a brass foundry.

September 2017
Established in 1921, the definition of Alessi was precisely as a “workshop for the processing of brass and nickel silver sheet metal, with a foundry”. Since then, however, the company has gradually evolved to become one of the leading factories of Italian design.
This year’s Extra Ordinary Metal collection brings together the manufacturing expertise of Alessi and the quintessential elements of Italian culture. Brass, a malleable material, has been chosen to offer an industrial take on a refined, ancient goldsmithing technique: Etruscan granulation. Explains Alberto Alessi:
“Metal processing is at the origins of Alessi and represents its heart, with a knowledge acquired in the art of shaping matter. Over the course of its nearly 100-year history, the Alessi workshop has experienced a range of ‘metal eras’: initially, pewter and Alpacca were the primary materials, followed by brass and copper, and later steel, which today represents the identity of the Crusinallo factory. The Extra Ordinary Metal project originates from the desire to explore new definitions in metallic surfaces through brass, a material we have held dear since it was used in the 1930s by my great grandfather, Giovanni Alessi.”
Within this project, the granulation — obtained through a cold milling process — is applied to a miscellaneous series of objects, creating a lavish interaction with light, with gleaming surfaces capable of enhancing complex forms as well as pure, simple lines.

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