Guido Venturini

October 2016
Guido Venturini, Philippe Starck, David Chipperfield, Mario Trimarchi, Marta Sansoni, Marcel Wanders, Miriam Mirri, Antonio Aricò, and Massimo Giacon are among the names that have contributed to Alessi's Fall/Winter 2016 collection. A new chapter of the Alessi Encyclopedia, it is filled with products made of stainless steel at factories in Crusinallo di Omegna, northern Italy, confirming the company’s intention to maintain the skilled metal processing on offer there. New design challenges are met by increasingly sophisticated methods of preparing prototypes and updating the production departments, as well as by the high quality and technical ability of the workforce. Guido Venturini designed Valerio, a citrus-squeezer and pestle with the same erotic inspiration he previously expressed in 1993 with his Firebird gas-lighter. Made in stainless steel, Valerio is a multipurpose utensil that is perfect for those who like to prepare drinks, cocktails, or recipes that require fresh ingredients. As Venturini explains: “It’s a dual-purpose object. One side is a juicer, the other a pestle. Each becomes the handle of the other. A minimal intervention in a rotating solid. It might well be something that Escher and Gaudi would have used to make a Mojito!”.