Allan Weisselberg

Designer for eggersmann

October 2016
The ‘boutique’ kitchen brand eggersmann has recently accomplished quite a few projects in some of the world’s most valuable real estate properties. Among them is Elbphilharmonie, a building in Hamburg designed by Herzog & de Meuron containing apartments of 400 square metres, with Allan Weisselberg curating the design and adaptation of the eggersmann kitchen. The is- land unit is made of a special stone called Tauerngrün, a green Serpentinite from Austria, only available at this specific stone quarry. The stone island has mitred edges, a very sleek detail. The tall units are of black oak with a special silver stain applied. The mirrored back panel has a 46" invisible flatscreen integrated into the surface.
“This project underlines the outstanding performance and opportunities of customisation offered by eggersmann. We had to fulfil several conditions with our design. First of all, the overall concept is the ‘cubes’. The whole apartment is one big space, surrounded by these cubes. The kitchen is divided into two parts: the show kitchen and the wet-kitchen, which is hidden in one of these blocks. Sliding glass doors fence in the kitchen area, keeping the main space open.
The dark Tauerngrün stone of the worktop and the island fronts is the same as that used in the bathrooms. To work properly, the stone had to be shipped from Austria to Italy to be calibrated to a thickness of 12 mm. And it was not possible to install a kitchen hood with outgoing air because the building has a monolithic glass top that does not al- low any cutouts in the façade. Therefore, we used a hood with a so-called plasma filter and recirculated air.”