Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin

June 2017
This year at Euroluce, Formafantasma unveiled its first industrially-produced objects for lighting company Flos, WireRing and Blush lamp. In a separate article in this issue of DAMN°, you can learn more about these. The event marked an important passage for the Amsterdam-based Italian designer duo. It is the first time they have gone from producing limited-edition pieces to design objects edited by a reference brand like Flos.
“The lights have been particularly designed for Flos. During the development process, we presented a series of finished pieces and research-like prototypes at the Peep-Hole event in Milan in 2016, including our very first tests that eventually became the lights we designed for Flos. The first time we met with Piero Gandini [Flos CEO] was after we presented Botanica in 2011. We had a very long conversation about de- sign in general, about Flos, and about the works of Castiglioni and Sarfatti. Much time passed before we were ready to give Flos something. We had to spend some time playing with lighting in our own studio. Once we presented the pieces, the conversation started up again and Piero Gandini was very much present during the whole process. He is brilliant.”
“Our original prototype was very similar to the final piece. It was just made of a wooden ring and a thin rubber belt. In the process of developing it, we started forming it into a ‘lamp’. The light source was less integrated. It’s thanks to working with Flos that we went back to our initial starting point. That piece, despite being really simple, required quite some development.” More lights are about to come, as the designers have confirmed that they are working on more lighting at the moment as well as on the development of the packaging and some final adjustments to those two pieces. “What we like about working with Flos is that it is a product-oriented company. The marketing is not there. The success of Flos is due to Piero Gandini’s ability to be both instinctive and analytical.”