Antoni Arola

Designer for Vibia

March 2016
Created by Spanish lighting designer Antoni Arola, Flamingo is one of the new fittings presented by Vibia in 2016. A deconstructed assemblage, it provides users with a versatile light fixture that allows for radically different sculptural forms and lighting effects. By separating the light source from the diffuser, which is con- figured with a series of independent conical rings supported by fine metal wires, Flamingo provides indirect, ambient light for living spaces or as a more focused task light over dining tables or other surfaces.
“It all started with the need to come up with an ambient lighting level as per the effect achieved with traditional lampshades, but to obtain this through the use of a point source, an almost aggressive one such as an LED. The special thing about Flamingo is that we worked with lampshades, managing to achieve diffused light. Perhaps the lamp’s main characteristic is the separation of the shade from the light source. We can have indirect light, reflected light, and filtered light. There are numerous gradations. It can work in large open spaces such as halls, or in the corner of a waiting room.”
These LED light sources are placed in different positions depending on the desired lighting effect. They can face upwards or downwards and project light onto the shade, which is made of a translucent thermoplastic material that helps provide a subtle effect. “It’s surprising to have illuminated shades without seeing the light source — which is the normal way of seeing a light. This ‘lightness’, this elegance involving a mixture of re- flections, makes for a somewhat magical object.”