Antonio Barbone & Laurence Bolhaar

Designer & Architect at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture)

July 2017
Delta Light has introduced a new product, designed in collaboration with architecture practice OMA. XY 180 is a three-piece collection of lighting products born from a fascination with point, line, and surface. “Our ambition was to step away from the idea of a luminaire relying merely on shape. We instead wanted to go towards a design focused on performance”, comment Barone and Bolhaar. “With a choreography of movement and multiplication, the luminaire can manipulate three-dimensional space and interact with the domain of the architectural project. When assembled, each component can take unpredictable and asymmetrical positions. By exposing the luminaire, the light becomes the main feature, able to shift and generate multiple configurations. It is a product that can contribute to the manifestation of space, not only through the light it emits, but also through its physical presence.”