architecten de vylder vinck taillieu at Matera, Italy

“Matera does not want to be different. And should not be different. Strong yet fragile."

October 2017
Born from an architecture competition, the Enoteca dai Tosi winery recently opened its doors in Matera, Italy’s upcoming European Capital of Culture in 2019. “Matera does not want to be different. And should not be different. Strong yet fragile. So real and yet unique. Looking forward, but rooted in the past. History and hope. Matera will always be about stone, the city of the Sassi”, says Jan De Vylder, whose practice won the competition to design the building. Matera is visible in all the interior elements, such as the Tuff stairs, terracotta tiles, and spiral handrails, as well as in the green of the doors and the beige of the stone. And in the local stone and wooden roofs. The entire project is a tribute to the city of Matera. “The stairs make the cellar deeper, and what’s more, serve as the journey to a treasure. The treasure of Enoteca dai Tosi.” The Belgian studio has worked to give life to a three-level wine house within one of the historical caves of the city, following the idea of the promoter and owner Gian Paolo Buziol, the youngest son of the Venetian family that founded the Replay brand back in 1978. This project enhances all aspects of the city. “Architecture is made of dilemmas. Heavy, but longing for lightness. Ancient forms, but new forms. Historical, but contemporary. Arco, cupola, amphora — round forms embracing the wine. Rich wine needs the simple to be refined. And the building is no different.”

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Choreographic Core trend:

"The kitchen is a stage set, where the elements are intrinsically ergonomic, designed to make a primordial connection between user and form, material, tools. Importance is given to contact, movement, and presence, with the items becoming an extension of our hands and arms, bringing us closer to a daily personal ritual. Value is attributed to the moment just before tasting."