Le Perle Collection by Antonio Aricò

Le Perle is a tea set in which the iconic symbol of the pearl becomes a module that is reproduced at different scales

October 2017
The Le Perle Collection is a recent creation by Italian designer Italian designer Antonio Aricò, developed in collaboration with Bitossi Home and Abitare magazine.
Aricò won a residency at the Italian Embassy in Denmark, with the goal of creating a tableware collection to be produced by Bitossi Home. The brief focused on a ceremonial table-set and the designer concentrated on a particular ceramic finish, putrescence, which he had occasion to study along with Jude Glover in Australia, together with the latter’s collection called Australian Shells. Le Perle is a tea set in which the iconic symbol of the pearl becomes a module that is reproduced at different scales, a poetic and elegant object. A tea kettle without the handle is a pure, organic, slightly imperfect sphere, along with the milk bowl and sugar bowl, tray, plates, and spoons, all of which evoke the ideal perfection of a solid spherical volume. “Le Perle is an ideal synthesis of decoration, craftsmanship, and synthetic vision. The lustrous pearlescent finish, once old and outdated, feels fresh and ethereal. It is a simple concept that wants to communicate a contemporary idea of absolute beauty.”
Bitossi Home is a Bitossi Diffusione brand, created in 2007 in Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany. The education and attitude to design have converged into the current collections featuring aesthetic sense of shapes, harmony of colours and an inclination to simplicity, as well as elegance and good taste.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Choreographic Core trend:

"The kitchen is a stage set, where the elements are intrinsically ergonomic, designed to make a primordial connection between user and form, material, tools. Importance is given to contact, movement, and presence, with the items becoming an extension of our hands and arms, bringing us closer to a daily personal ritual. Value is attributed to the moment just before tasting."