Arik Levy

Artist and Designer for Kadewei

May 2016
In working with internationally renowned designer Arik Levy, Kaldewei extended its exclusive Meisterstücke product segment, adding the Meisterstück Emerso bathtub and washstand. “The collection, comprising a bathtub and matching washstand, has a clear sculptural intention”, says Levy, outlining the design process “whereby ergonomics and user comfort were also priorities. The design concept is inspired by the movement of water – not of watching water, but rather of being in it. The eye roams beyond the rim of the bathtub, which seems to move fluidly from one shape to another. If one follows this shape with the hand or the eyes, it gives one the feeling of immersion. To get a feel for the new Meisterstücke, and to evaluate every inch of it, we produced a great many drawings and models – both life-size as well as medium and small scale. Designing these complex shapes and transitions is a huge challenge. It is difficult to produce something that can be made with enamelled steel and that simultaneously causes the material to do new things. For the new Kaldewei Meisterstücke, we formed the steel to the limits of the technically feasible, thus creating a new and positive tension.”