Arnout Meijer


April 2016
The primary design focus at Arnout Meijer Studio is light. “I focus on light because I think it’s intriguing that it relates to both science and art. On the one hand, light is very pragmatic and fundamental to our daily lives; on the other, it has a very strong seductive power. My fascination for optical physics and digital technology is mostly the starting point for my projects. I believe that the manipulation of optics can have an abstruse and therefore surprising effect on the spectator. The outcomes are not only light fixtures, but sculptures and installations as well.
Therefore, the works can be self-initiated objects or industrial collaborations, with light always as the raw material.” During Dutch Design Week in October 2015, Meijer presented the installation 16 Feet of Twilight, based on perceptual error, or the imaginary version of reality. “It turns out that a deceptive interpretation of your senses constitutes the reality we live in. The movement of the celestial dome constantly changes the colour of the sky.
With the reflection and refraction of the clouds, the whole visible spectrum is perceptible in numerous different compositions. But the system of your eye and brain complete the image you see.” Last year, as part of his ongoing research into the way we perceive light, Meijer presented Thanks for the Sky. “By manipulating the path of light, esoteric effects can be created that deceive our perception of space and our relation to objects. This light-emitting sculpture appears as a real-time light painting, with the lines of light seemingly floating in space.”