Installation view at London's Gallery Fumi, where the exhibition is on show until 23 June

Atelier lachaert dhanis applies visual trickery to furniture

The duo is presenting a collection of wood-like bronze pieces at London's Gallery Fumi

June 2018
Pieces of wood and old furniture are used by atelier lachaert dhanis to create ornate bronze-cast furniture.
The Belgian studio, made up of artists Sofie Lachaert and Luc d'Hanis are presenting their Trompe L’oeil collection at London’s Gallery Fumi until late June – describing each piece on show as an "enigmatic functional assemblage".
Using a combination of old pieces of wood and sections of disused furniture, the duo produced a range of small and large tables, stools and chairs which each possess a visual language that hides its material background.
For the first time at Gallery Fumi, the pair brought all the pieces in the series together – setting them across the first floor of the space.
While the Rickety Stools, Noir de Noir table-cum-chair and pastel-hued Trestle populate the gallery’s floor space, pieces of semi-precious stone and gems decorate the walls.
Named Wallbrooches, these pieces are intended as a “commentary on the stereotypical cliches associated with jewellery”.
"A wall brooch made out of a precious stone or mineral in a silver setting. The stones are embedded in a composition that refers to the scattered beauty of the wild, and as a result of the inherent tendency for pattern seeking of our brains they elicit inquisitive astonishment," said the duo.
Lachaert and d’Hanis have been working together for over 20 years, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Higher Institute for Fine Arts Antwerp. During last year's Milan Design Week, they were part of an exhibition of Belgian design at Palazzo Litta, where they presented their bronze-cast Trio chair.
Trompe L'oeil is on show at London's Gallery Fumi until 23 June.