AURA LIGHT Sabine Marcelis ©2020 Established and Sons ©PimTop

Aura Light — Sabine Marcelis

August 2020
This year, Established & Sons is presenting exceptional new designs by Sabine Marcelis, Pauline Deltour and Jasper Morrison, alongside additions to the Grid product family by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and the Lucio product family by Sebastian Wrong.
Introducing two new designers to the brand’s roster, the LIVE/ WORK collection expands Established & Sons’ range of idiosyncratic designs with a focus on flexibility and comfort and also marks the opening of the brand’s new online shop.
Responding to the increasingly blurred lines between living and working environments, each piece lends itself to a wide range of spaces, from the living room and home office, to casual office breakout spaces and meeting rooms. The flexibility of the collection allows it to sit either formally or informally within both hospitality and residential spaces.
AURA LIGHT Sabine Marcelis
Harnessing Marcelis’ expertise in the utilisation of cast translucent materials, the suspended cylindrical bar of the Aura Light can stand alone or work as part of a grouping. Over a metre in length, the design is made from a bio-epoxy resin, formulated using by-products from the agricultural industry.
A replaceable glass LED tube is housed within the coloured resin case, with the light travelling through the material to create a warm glow. Easy on the eyes, this soft ambient light effect is ideal for a home-working environment as well as relaxed living and office spaces.
“My work is currently exclusively available via galleries and this is the first step towards making some lighting available to a wider audience, but in a conscious and sustainable manner,” said Marcelis.
AURA LIGHT Sabine Marcelis ©2020 Established and Sons ©PimTop
AURA LIGHT Sabine Marcelis ©2020 Established and Sons ©PimTop