AVL Shaker: chair for rockstars and a terrorist

November 2014
AVL Shaker Chair was designed for a terrorist called Una Bomber in Minneapolis and used in a hotelroom for rockstars and their groupies in the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.
In 1998, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis commissioned Atelier Van Lieshout to make a mobile art lab: a youth centre on wheels that could bring the good word of art and culture to schools and people from poorer neighbourhoods throughout the state of Minnesota. AVL took on the task, with one condition: to add a darker side to the museum's good intentions.
'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' was an installation composed by a trailer, a house and extension. The good things were concentrated in the trailer. In the Black House, bad things happened. The imaginairy occupant of this house was the Una Bomber, a terrorist that used the house for making bombs and weapons. For him, Joep Van Lieshout made the first prototypes of the AVL Shaker furniture.
Hans Lensvelt was impressed by the concept and immediately recognized the quality and the uniqueness of the design. He approached Joep van Lieshout for a cooperation. They have been cooperating ever since and Atelier Van Lieshout has become one of the most important designers for Lensvelt Contract.