b2 by bulthaup and EOOS

A contemporary classic, the bulthaup b2 kitchen workbench was inspired by the carpenter’s workshop and easy-access tools.

September 2017
The first kitchen workbench that bulthaup launched in 1988 was utterly revolutionary. In the midst of the loft trend, bulthaup presented a highly mobile, flexible element that included all the essentials of a kitchen in a single unit. Decades later, the Vienna-based design group EOOS reinterpreted the workbench as part of its analysis of the archetypal images, customs, and age-old rituals that led to the development of the b2 system, for which mobility and adaptability are key factors.
Given its high versatility, the b2 workbench comes alive in many different ways. This unique organisational principle turns kitchens into workshops with an abundance of freedom to move around. bulthaup b2 reduces the kitchen to three sculptural elements: The kitchen tool cabinet, the workbench and the kitchen appliance cabinet. Liberated from static walls, these timeless objects can be combined at will in the room. The flexibility and mobility of these elements means that bulthaup b2 can also adapt to new spatial circumstances. A kitchen workbench combines a work surface, water point, cooking area and, not least, an eating area. It can be used as a multi-functional piece of furniture, with work surfaces, water points, and cooking modules all available.
In the ensemble shown here, comprising two tall units and two workbenches, an uncompromising pursuit of the essential combined with the beauty of purposeful form and materials is achieved. As in a professional kitchen, the utensils are close to hand on the wall, while the pots and bowls are stored on simple shelves. The carpenter’s workshop was a place of inspiration and provided the stimulus for the bulthaup b2. To determine the exact storage requirements, the EOOS designers studied the realistic amount of space needed for kitchen utensils, kitchen equipment, and crockery, and compressed the space to its most essential dimensions.
bulthaup b2 is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.”

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