Barknest, photo by Alessandro Milani

Barknest by Alessi

December 2019
This basket is an object that, both in name and form, resembles a cosy nest with rounded walls for safeguarding precious contents. Designed by Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui, the Bark collection draws its inspiration from their home, Casa Boucquillon: a place for experimentation, meditation and work where they aim to live in sync with nature. As the name also suggests, the Bark collection by Alessi evokes the bark of trees: the fine cut eel resembles knots in wood or peeled bark, delicately wrapping around its contents. The collection reminds us, both in shape and fun ion, to be in continuous and harmonious dialogue with nature.
Alberto Alessi, photo by Alessandro Milani
Barknest production, photo by Alessandro Milani