BAXTER WORLDWIDE 2021. Supersalone 2021. Featuring: Clara, Fany, Himani-D, Tunnel, Tebe, Barret and Karen


Supersalone 2021

September 2021
Baxter's 2021 collection takes inspiration from the world of art, fashion, design and architecture. This is born as a mix of influences coming from different concepts, all nevertheless with the same enterprising use of colour and a less formal idea of spaces. Design becomes the opportunity to surround ourselves with combinations of special objects, all consistent with each other.
Home appears as a place where to stage furniture pieces belonging to different styles and ages, as if they came from a collection built up over time. Sofas, armchairs, miscellaneous items, rugs take shape in a sort of disassembled concept, which aims to make each space more convivial. As always, the common denominator is the thought lying behind all Baxter’s philosophy, that is the search for excellence in its forms and materials.
As in 2020, Baxter has decided to carry on the Milano Worldwide project, with the aim of involving partners and, together with them, presenting the new collection to the community of professionals and lovers of the brand around the world.
The most innovative project is signed by Christophe Delcourt, through the development of organic forms that fit together. CLARA is a modular sofa made up of numerous elements that combine to create every time seating compositions made of interlocking voids and solids as well as concave and convex curves; the main feature is that of a “broken up” living room. The Delcourt collection is completed by strongly sculptural elements such as FANY, with an artistic glass top and legs in Roman Travertine and leather - KEREN armchair and pouf - BEKI, poufs recalling the shape of stones.
Draga&Aurel present this year BARRET, an armchair inspired by the shapes of the 70s with a rigid polymer shell and leather upholstery in soft curled leather - HUGO, sculptural and modular bookcase made of concrete - ALTEA, asymmetrical hanging cabinet whose fronts are unique resin pieces, available in 3 colours - ARLES, mirror with brass frame.
The collection is completed by the reinterpretation of the BRIGITTE sofa, this year proposed in “harder” leather, to give it a more vintage and "durable" look; an object that will get old, becoming more and more beautiful.
Federico Peri presents MIKADO, modular bookcase with leather-covered uprights and ribbed glass shelves - ELLIPSE, stone table with asymmetrical top with an organic shape that gives it great lightness despite its size, with leather-covered base.
ELLIPSE LIGHT UP, desk with the same style and materials of the table, with the addition of a brass structure, where the light is integrated.
Paola Navone presents the evolution of the MILANO project, designed in 2020; this year, the collection is enriched by the bed and the bergère armchair which, like the sofa, start from an idea of ​​maximum comfort, an enveloping and soft design that welcomes you.
Baxter Creative Department presents PILAR, concrete coffee tables, designed as if they were pedestals of works of art of different sizes, so that they can live both in the living area and in the other spaces of the house - HIMANI, precious rugs in limited edition of 100 numbered pieces proposed in three variants, each of which is related to a mood of colours and materials - ADEL, pouf and bench with great sculptural value.
Finally, the JUPITER table by Studiopepe is re-proposed as a monolithic sculpture in a single material: Travertino White marble.
BAXTER WORLDWIDE 2021. Supersalone 2021. Featuring, Ellipse Light Up, Beki, Piaf and Hugo
BAXTER WORLDWIDE 2021. Supersalone 2021. Featuring Ellipse, Corinne, Tunnel and Eltea
BAXTER WORLDWIDE 2021. Supersalone 2021. Featuring, Adel and Himani-E
BAXTER WORLDWIDE 2021. Supersalone 2021. Featuring Milano, Adel, Mikado, Tunnel and Humani-E