Bernhardt Design

Hines Fischer

November 2016
The Hug desk by Hines Fischer for Bernhardt Design takes the edge off monotonous office environments. With its precise geometric form and curved silhouette, Hug combines simple elements, offering a sense of comfort and softness to modern, progressive spaces. Hug is the first product by Fischer in collaboration with Bernhardt Design, established in 1980 by the 127-year- old Bernhardt Furniture Company, which continues to be a leader and innovator in furniture design and production.
“A desk or table is usually about productivity, speed, or efficiency; as opposed to a lounge chair, which is about comfort, both physical and emotional. So I thought, what if I switched-around the usual formula and designed a desk that was warm and welcoming?”, informs Fischer. Hug features a fully upholstered shell with rounded corners that embrace the work-surface and are soft to the touch. The smooth contours of the desk enhance its aesthetic appeal while offering the functional benefits of sound absorption and privacy.