Bjarke Ingels' inflatable pavilion becomes bulbous range of vases

Ingels translated the voluminous shape of the pavilion into a range of pots for MOSSS

June 2018
Not content with being one of the biggest architects on the planet, Bjarke Ingels has now applied his skills to ceramics – transforming one of his built projects into a selection of pots.
Designed for San Francisco-based brand MOSSS (Making of Smart Simple Spaces) the Skum vase takes its cues from the inflatable art pavilion designed by BIG for the CHART Art Fair.
The original design featured playful bubble-like forms that were inspired by childhood bouncy castles – something Ingels has replicated through the casting process.
Bjarke Ingels' inflatable art pavilion becomes bulbous range of ceramics
Each porcelain vase began as a drawing before models were created and rendered. The entire limited-edition collection is finished by hand, complete with a signature on its base.
"The vase is shaped exactly after a part of the BIG pavilion and scaled down to the size of an object. As the pavilion continues to travel the world from music festivals to art fairs, a small fraction of it can now populate private homes, reincarnated as the SKUM vase," MOSSS commented.
Each vase is available to buy from MOSSS' online store for $190.