Boris Klimek

Designer for Brokis

April 2016
The Czech manufacturer of premium hand-blown glass lighting objects is showcasing its current collection at Light + Building 2016, as well as debuting its new series Night Birds. The distinctive glass objects, signed by Slovak designer Boris Klimek, are produced with the skill and craftsmanship of Bohemian artisans in the brand’s own workshop near Prague. “Like the silhouette of birds in the evening sky, this is the image that inspired the design of these pendant lights. The original Night Birds ceiling lamp bestows a poetic charm and unprecedented dynamism to the interior.
The lamps do not merely hang in space, they fly. They give you the feeling of freedom in the room, allowing various compositions ranging from several individual lights to entire flocks of birds. The glass shades, formed to depict wings in various phases, together with pleasant, gentle, LED illumination, bring an atmosphere of rare perfection.”