Carrières du Hainaut

Brand manager Jan Devroey

January 2017
Carrières du Hainaut has been extracting and manufacturing the iconic Blue Limestone of Hainaut for over 125 years. At Interieur Biennale 2012 in Kortrijk, the company worked side by side with Vincent Van Duysen Architects to design a highly modern, three-dimensional stand, immersing visitors in the world of blue limestone and its various finishes.
Its stand for Batibouw 2014 in Brussels, of the same initial concept, won the Communication Award. At Marmomacc 2015 in Verona, the company’s stand won the Best Communicator Award — it was like a chequerboard, inviting the visitor to see, feel, touch, and stroll across the large range of possibilities and applications, both aesthetically and technologically. “At Carrières du Hainaut, we don’t stop”, comments Jan Devroey.
“At the Batibouw fair in 2016, we dared to place the focus on the natural characteristics of the stone (e.g. fossilised crinoids and lime marks), to reveal these qualities that are often seen as faults, in a different light. By presenting slabs with mirrored lime-marks, we ended up creating a high-end, inspirational, decorative design. Last year we also presented our innovative decorative treatments at multiple Architect@Work events: the EnoWave and EnoScala finishes add a touch of lightness, delicacy, and elegance to the walls with their fluid and wavy lines, while EnoCranto and EnoWood display force, character, and robustness, bringing out the natural and rugged beauty of the stone. In 2017, Carrières du Hainaut will continue to challenge itself in order to present the Blue Limestone of Hainaut in a new way at the
Batibouw fair in February.”