Cécile Figuette

Founder of Bien Fait

February 2016
The new wallpaper brand Bien Fait subtly mixes multicoloured geometries, mysterious decorations, and childhood memories. It offers a customised service, enabling the decor to be adapted to all types of spaces and to be moulded to the visions and requirements of designers. “We have made the choice to produce in Paris also to revive the French wallpaper tradition. This rich history inspired us to blend traditional crafts with contemporary design. Bien Fait has chosen hand manufacturing for the outstanding quality and for the ability to print on classic non-woven paper (papier in- tissé). This soft material, pleasant to the touch, is both robust and easy to install. It has a weight and opacity that enable wall imperfections to be erased.” The wall- papers are characterised by oversized motifs, instantly lending personality to the interior. Of note is the Car-pates (Carpathians) collection, inspired by the Romanian landscape. The wallpaper sets are also available in ready-to-use packages.