Chassé Theater in Breda by M + R Architects

M + R architects turn Chassé Theatre into an attractive place to meet

January 2016
Thanks to a new bar and restaurant with a gorgeous red interior, the Chassé Theater in Breda has now become a popular venue to meet and greet and eat. Together with Chassé Connect, M + R Architects from Eindhoven is responsible for this transformation.
A question to (interior) architect Hans Maréchal - why did he choose for red Lensvelt furniture?
Hans Maréchal: "We didn’t want to design the mundane office – we wanted products that provoke inspiration and thought. And, we believe in the power of communities as we orient ourselves regionally. We found everything we needed for a flexible working environment within Lensvelt's range of solutions."
Lensvelt supplied most of the red furniture in the bar and public meeting room: an AVL Skull, AVL Office Chairs, AVL Glyder couches.
The transformation of the theatre was not possible without Chassé Connect, an initiative to turn Chassé into a building with a more open character, and a better connection to the city of Breda.