Cinzia Cumini and Vicente García (García Cumini)

Designers for Cesar

October 2016
At Fuorisalone 2016, Cesar presented the UNIT project. This kitchen proposal by García Cumini is neither a macrosystem nor merely an object, but rather, a highly functional element, offering freedom of composition and lightness that comes through the industrialisation of the components.
“In the era of global interconnection that sees us more and more as nomads driving change,” explains the duo, “design is exploring new paths oriented toward flexible but timeless, durable solutions of exceptional quality.” UNIT, a project based on 60, 90, and 120 cm base modules and columns, and innovative 180 and 240 cm integrated structural units, is inspired by the professional kitchen, reinterpreted in light of the particular aesthetic and functional demands of the domestic environment.
“We conceived UNIT as a ‘bridge’ project, capable of linking the crude aesthetic of professional elements — resulting from their essentially practical purpose — with more harmonic and elegant forms that are better suited to the home interior. Versatility is embodied by means of a soft aesthetic in the structure and materials. The design itself, entirely free of any sharp edges, brings to mind archetypal lines (the classic desk, the carpenter’s workbench, 1950s furniture), redefining the kitchen space in an incomparably creative way.”
The finish of the doors and handles also reclaim their rightful place in the kitchen, proposed here in two original models, Shell and Eero, adding the kind of decorative details that suit a warm, comfortable, domestic environment. “Its easy relocation and adapt- ability to different spaces makes it a versatile piece of furniture, capable of meeting the demands of a society increasingly oriented toward mobility, personal taste, and forms of conviviality.”
Amongst Cesar’s most important watersheds was the transformation in 1968 of Sante Vittorio Cester’s small workshop, turning it into a well-structured company, opening itself up to foreign markets in the 1990s and continuing to produce well-designed modular kitchens.