Claudio Feltrin

Chairman at Arper

November 2016
Changes in top management at the company have seen Claudio Feltrin assuming the role of Chairman, a position previously held by his father, Luigi Feltrin, Honorary Chairman since 1989, Arper’s first year. “We have always considered ourselves first and foremost a family facing challenges together. My father is still a driving force, encouraging us to never stop evolving. Arper’s goals today are the result of his determination, and we will continue to work side by side leading the company into the future”, pronounces Claudio Feltrin.
This year, Arper extended the functionality of its Parentesit range to include freestanding pieces that increase privacy and comfort. Architectural in scale, these modules carve out a three-dimensional space for concentration or quiet conversation in shared workspaces or collaborative environments. Parentesit was dually inspired by minimalist art and classic Japanese interiors. “For 15 years we have been working with Lievore Altherr Molina, and these 15 years have been full of satisfaction. Our relationship has evolved into a friendship. The studio’s designs have a ‘natural’ and ‘simple’ style, in the sense of immediacy and linearity, which also be- longs to our products. These considerations led us to create Parentesit Freestanding dividers for shared work environments. In large, open spaces the modular pieces encourage individual concentration, teamwork, and meetings. Parentesit offers a new contemporary office experience: a space to think.” The modules are available in four varieties and in Arper’s full range of fabrics, further engaging the expression of the end user.