April 2016
CoeLux is a spin-off of Insubria University, headquartered in ComoNext Technology Park, a site created by the Como Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Founded by the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme / Horizon 2020), the start-up has been able to develop this CoeLux technology and turn it into a product, the result of a 10-year scientific research project by Professor Paolo Di Trapani. As he explains: “For the first time, CoeLux can reproduce the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light in an interior space; specifically, the diffusion and transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere. It combines three key elements: the latest LED technology that reproduces the spectrum of sunlight; a sophisticated optical system that creates the sensation of the distance between the sky and the sun; and nano-structured materials. Northern European light, Mediterranean light, and Tropical light are the three types of setting that CoeLux offers in a a window-like wall light source.” Since the presentation of its first prototype (March 2014) to today, CoeLux has received several prestigious international awards, among which is the Technology Pioneer 2015 prize from the World Economic Forum.