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The Corval Collection — Lambert & Fils

May 2020
The internationally renowned lighting studio Lambert & Fils (Montreal, Canada) is pleased to announce Dorval. The new collection is based on the INTERIEUR 2018 award-winning design by SCMP DESIGN OFFICE (Paris, France), edited and exclusively produced in Lambert & Fils’ Montreal atelier.
Dorval marks Lambert & Fils’ first-ever international partnership and an inaugural lighting design from a European studio of exceptional promise.
In 2017, founder and artistic director Samuel Lambert travelled to Paris Design Week, where he encountered SCMP’s striking prototype light. Part chandelier and part pendant lamp, the arresting object stayed with him long after his return to Montreal — for months, Lambert remained fixated on the light’s unique form, eventually inspiring a partnership between the two award-winning firms.
“When I saw their light, it stopped me in my tracks. I felt confronted by the design, then I felt intrigued by it — it really invites play like that.”
SCMP’s prototype was emotionally moving and unique, but it was not yet configured for manufacturing. Enter Lambert & Fils acting in the capacity of editor-producer. Dorval 01 is showcase piece of the forthcoming collection, a continued collaborative endeavour between the two firms. It honours SCMP DESIGN OFFICE’s original light, now bolstered in quality with new material choices and a practical versatility for every kind of space.
Defined by its interplay of industrial and domestic qualities, Dorval 01 draws equal inspiration from airport
runway lights, iconic French blue Mobylettes, and the essential qualities of a chandelier.
SCMP designed DORVAL 01 to achieve a balance between industrial, tech-y qualities and warmer features like ambient light and the innocent details of a free-hanging wire loop and suspension. The light is composed of a main vertical body and four aluminium heads with LED panels. Each head can be adjusted to distribute light in any direction, while the precision of the design keeps the pendant balanced and aligned.
The result is a form both unusual and familiar — one which poses an immediate invitation to play. Its colour and composition touch an ephemeral place in our imaginations, condensing historical vignettes into a single powerful piece.
Dora, close up ©RenderFolk
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Dora, close up ©RenderFolk
Dora, close up ©RenderFolk
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Dora, close up ©RenderFolk
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