Couple, Bundle and Keep by Nolii

Nolii’s mission is to deliver beautiful, highly functional products that solve everyday problems

December 2017
Benjamin Hubert debuted with Nolii, a new lifestyle-led tech brand, during the last London Design Festival.
The brand co-founded by Benjamin Hubert, creative director of strategic design agency Layer, with tech and design entrepreneur Asad Hamir, is focused on tech accessories inspired by minimal yet expressive design language. Nolii ’s mission is to deliver beautiful, highly functional products that solve everyday problems for people who depend on their tech to stay connected. The collection comprises five key products, among which the highlights include:
Couple, a versatile case system with various highly functional attachments, including battery pack, wallet, car dock, bike dock, and fitness band;
Bundle, a cable for charging and data transfers, with optional integrated USB storage that can be neatly and easily bundled;
and Keep, a three-in-one solution, featuring Bluetooth tracking, USB storage and battery power. ‘From chaotic cords and broken cables to limited charging solutions, our lives are too often interrupted by everyday tech challenges,’ notes Hubert. ‘We see an exciting opportunity to disrupt the tech accessories market with products that really solve the problems that we encounter daily with our technology. This system of accessories has been designed to reduce the stress of worrying about your tech troubles and enable users to do the things that are important to them.’

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