DAMNº selects at MDW19: Dornbracht Research Lab x Mike Meiré + Elastique

April 2019
The new Dornbracht Research Lab in collaboration with Mike Meiré and Elastique presented an immersive installation Is Memory Data? The project explored how new technologies transform, enhance or even replace an encounter with water. Visitors wore a pair of VR goggles and were aided to commence washing their hands. What followed was an explosion of materials and colours igniting memories that the user reacts to. ‘The title plays on the fundamental questions we asked ourselves during the process,’ says Meiré. ‘Can a virtual experience bring about the same reaction in us as actually, physically experiencing something? Are experiences basically data that we can create, reproduce and ultimately also manipulate? We are interested in whether and how learned patterns of experience can be changed and how we can re-condition our perception.’