Dzek x Formafantasma

DAMNº selects at MDW19: Dzek x Formafantasma

April 2019
After a lengthy period of research, development and experimentation Dzek presented its collaboration with Formafantasma. ExCinere is a new collection of volcanic ash-glazed tiles that can pretty much find a home anywhere: indoors, outdoors, on kitchen counters, bathroom floors, and as architectural cladding. The Amsterdam-based Formafantasma have been researching the potential of volcanic lava as a design material for nearly a decade, as evidenced by their 2010 project De Natura, which investigated the culture of lava in Mount Etna and the Stromboli regions of Italy. According to Dzek volcanic ash and basalt rock are unpredictable to work with, and ExCinere is the result of ‘three years of exploding, imploding, cracking and caving’ to achieve the ‘careful balance of porcelain body, ash glazes, firing temperature and method'.